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Pace of Play

Shaughnessy’s standard is that all rounds be played in 4 hours and 15 minutes or less. This policy is strictly enforced by the club. Below are some helpful hints:

  1. Keep up with the group ahead, not ahead of the group behind.
  2. Choose a game that will be fun for all: Best Ball, Match Play, Alternate Shot, Stroke Play etc.
  3. Play from the tees suited to the weakest member of your foursome, especially guests.
  4. Mark the landing of everyone’s shots, particularly tee shots; a second and third set of eyes can drastically reduce search times.
  5. Make a point of getting to your ball quickly so you have time to settle before your next stroke.
  6. Give all "inside the leather" putts and if necessary, hole out putts when not interfering with another players line.
  7. Pick up when out of the hole or one stroke short of the maximum score that you can take on the hole for handicap purposes.
  8. Mark the scorecard on the next tee, not on the green.